“The thrill of roses spiced with excitement speaking of love”

Reagan was upset yesterday after Scholastic Bowl.

Reagan: “We lost and it was all my fault!”

Me: “Why?”

Reagan: “The last question was about men’s deodorant and I knew the answer was “Old Spice” but was too embarrased to say it.

Me: “Um, why?”

Reagan: “Because it was about MEN’S DEODORANT!”

Really, which is more embarrassing, answering a question about men’s deodorant, or losing because you were embarrassed about answering a question about men’s deodorant?

(Oh, and in her thirteen year old wisdom, she told her teammates she knew the answer but didn’t ring in!)


10 Responses to ““The thrill of roses spiced with excitement speaking of love””

  1. Ms. PH Says:

    Why was there a question about Old Spice during a Scholastic Bowl? I am interested to hear what the question was!

  2. jenjw4 Says:

    I think the question was along the lines of “What Men’s Deodorant has the motto….” But I can’t remember what Reagan said the motto was, so I googled it and the title to the post is what came up… I think she just knew/guessed it was “Old Spice” by the word “spiced” in it. (Or maybe they have a new motto that she recognized from a commercial….?)

    Scholastic Bowl does have some weird questions. Most of the questions are related to math, science, lit, politics, or geography, but occasionally they’ll have a pop culture topic come up.

  3. chef Kevin Says:

    Odd. They now teach pop culture in school? Maybe that is why they know more about Britney Spears than how to spell. Just Kidding. Wouldn’t think the S.B. people would ask questions that students wouldn’t have learned in school.

  4. Jennifer Says:

    Yah, usually their pop culture questions tend to be related to Lit. As in Harry Potter. Lord of the Rings type questions…

  5. Ramble On Says:

    The innocence of youth.

  6. Rixblix Says:

    Hey! My #1 does S.B. over in district 86. He’s having a blast putting all the useless trivia in his brain towards something good. And yes, the questions run the gamut. I’ve been amazed at the stuff he’s come home with. We’re new to Scholastic Bowl…do you guys ever compete against Taz. County teams? We’d finally get to meet.

  7. jenjw4 Says:

    I don’t think we compete against Taz. We seem to mainly compete with schools north of Peoria, Elmwood, Brimfield, Farmington, etc… but let me know if you end up going to a tournament in Dunlap, because that does seem to have a more regional draw… we could meet up and hang out.

    And SB is so much fun. The kids have a good time and it’s neat how they have to work together on some of the questions.

  8. Billy Dennis Says:

    That’s not a Scholastic Bowl question. That’s a Trivia Pursuit question. Maybe they teach trivia these days instead of geometry, history, math, history, etc.

  9. Anon E. Mouse Says:

    It does sound like a slightly oddball question for SB, but in a 25 toss-up question round, you’d have an odd-ball or two. I recall a 4 part bonus question about sports (who was the “Say Hey Kid” was one of them)

    Having captained my varsity SB team for two years (yes, as a JUNIOR), I was officially banned from Trivia Pursuit by the family/neighborhood/fraternity. I’d just sit on the counter and add oddball remarks to questions, more fully explain the history of something, or show how the person arrived at the wrong answer.

  10. jenjw4 Says:

    Your SB experience is encouraging to me, to know that it will have some possible use in future is a good thing. (I had just been focusing on the fact that Reagan enjoys it, which is good, but it’s also good to think she might learn something that’s useful in the future.)
    Last year at the end of the season they had an SB meet in which they pitted the adults against the kids. The kids won. (And we didn’t let them)

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