Banana Laffy Taffies and Tootsie Rolls.

Things are looking up.

I must admit I self medicated yesterday.

But the sun is out and I’m making up for yesterday’s candy debauchery by eating low-fat yogurt, walnuts and a mango. And drinking green tea. I’m feeling healthier already!

A few updates. My son is still being a jerk. His new retainer, by the way, is super cool. It looks like those invisalign braces. Well, maybe it’s not super cool if you’re the one that has to wear it, but it’s lovely and high tech compared to my early 80’s one.

On the “good news” front, at least for us, Reagan’s bully, Myranda, has transferred schools. Yay! While the bullying had tapered off, it was still a minor worry weighing upon my mind.

Speaking of bullies, I fear I’ve become one.

A local forum has a religious section and a person had recently started posting quotes from scripture and tracts from “The Watchtower.”

They weren’t thought provoking posts and often left readers thinking “What?” because they lacked a point.

I started asking questions about the posts, as did others. Everybody did a great job of questioning without being rude or disrespectful. The post-er in question, we’ll call him “Dy-no-mite!,” would mainly answer questions via more scripture. Scripture that was a non sequitur. Or, if a more personal response was received, it would be very defensive in nature, still not answering the question posed. For example when asked:

“Why focus on the different kinds of sins?”

Dy-no-mite! responded: “Gods laws not mine i did`nt judge no one”

Today when I logged on to the forum Dy-no-mite! had posted this under the thread headline “I’m done:”

“For years i have wondered what Jesus felt. After posting scriptures on here now i know. One of the kindest men there was and people killed him. Because of what he belived….. So when you pick up your rock and throw it next time think of Jesus standing there AMEN NOW THAT WHAT I HAVE SAID !!!!!!”

(Add a mental “sic” after all those errors, I’m too damn lazy to fill them all in.)

Ummm… so Dy-no-mite! is comparing his forum treatment to the crucifixion of Jesus? As I’ve stated before, I’m an atheist, and even I find that, well, sacrilegious.

But now I’m forced to ask myself, what was the point? Just because his posts were aggravating, did I have to respond?

I didn’t harrass Dy-no-mite!; I was never disrepectful. But, honestly, from his writing I could tell that he isn’t too bright. Yet, I pushed him to provide answers that he might not have the mental acuity to obtain or explain.

I’m feeling like a bit of a bully.


9 Responses to “Banana Laffy Taffies and Tootsie Rolls.”

  1. mortonmalaise Says:

    Tell him to come down off his cross and make room for the next fool martyr. They love that.

  2. jadedgirl Says:

    Boyfriend is also a sorta-kinda atheist. Well, he likes Budhism, but that’s for another story…Anyway, he doesnt believe in God. I guess I just have one question…what is the difference between atheism, and agnostic?

    Admittedly, I am a christian…I believe in God (or some higher power therein) but I am truly NOT a fan of organized religion, and I also believe the bible is more of a history book than it is LAW. So, another question would be…am I considered an athiest/agnostic for that as well?

    I always wondered about that.

  3. Sue Says:

    I had to chuckle…no, I take that back, I’m laughing my butt off! Dy-no-mite! 🙂

  4. mostprepossessing Says:

    I had a retainer like that when I got my braces off. I think it was in 1989.

  5. jenjw4 Says:

    In my opinion, an atheist doesn’t believe in any higher power; an agnostic believes there is a higher power, (Christian God or otherwise).

  6. Pammy Says:

    Actually Jen, an agnostic is one who believes there is a possibility of a higher power…it just has to be “proven” to them. I always called myself an “agnostic with one foot on the banana peel of atheism”, but in the last several years, I’ve come to the conclusion that WE…our psyches…or souls, if you prefer…are the “higher power”.

    I believe that the idea of a god…any god…whether it be the Christian God or Mohammed or Buddha or Ra was a total invention of man as a means to control the masses.

  7. katearch1978 Says:

    Jen, I adore you. I have been reading along and cheering you for every statement that you make. And I do not think you are alone in being aggravated with that situation. Forums are for an exchange of ideas and not for spouting reference material!

  8. jenjw4 Says:

    Thank you so much for the the clarification. It’s a distinction that’s important and one I’ve never considered. So, since you believe our souls are the “higher power,” then which do you consider yourself, an atheist or an agnostic?
    And I totally am with you on the idea of a god being the invention of man, I’ve always thought the very same thing. A means of control, plus, for many, a means of solace in the face of loss. I’m sure whenever I first lose a valued friend or family member that I will wish that I believed in an afterlife. But you know what they say about wishes…. (I don’t think that wishing to believe will be enough to induce a willing suspension of disbelief.)

  9. Ramble On Says:

    You were not a bully! As one who calls herself an atheist, I think most of us who tried to get a discussion going were pretty respectful. I would have listened to (read) an open dialog with some original thought. Some of the responses to Dy-No-Mite were thought provoking and even sent me “googling” atheism and agnosticism, along with JW and Watchtower. I just gave up trying to have that discussion.

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