Car accident

Yesterday I hit a car, a Honda CR-V.

Yes, it deserved it.

For what?

Being a CR-V. They are so damn ugly!

No, really, I was leaving the grade school and ran into the car parked in front of me. Actually my front right bumper bumped the other car’s left back bumper. Say that five times fast.

After the jolt I backed up. Got out of my car and approached the sour faced dude getting out of the other car.

Now some of you have never met me, so I must make something clear. I’m not good in an emergency and, actually, the more minor the emergency, the more I freak out.

So, imagine me, flush faced, arms gesturing, apologizing profusely in the face of a silent ticked-off guy. He looked at the car. Looked at me. Scowled, despite the lack of damage. I offered my insurance card. Apologized again.

He continued to glare at me, without speaking, making me more and more nervous.

I asked “Are you having a bad day?”

He said “Yes.”

I apologized again, offering again to get my insurance card.

He said “Just GO!”

So I did.


11 Responses to “Car accident”

  1. keep passing the open windows » Blog Archive Says:

    […] keep passing the open windows Just another The Blog Peoria Project weblog « Car accident […]

  2. Secret Server Says:

    At least you didn’t hit a kid. I’m sorry. I know you hit his car, but I wish he would have been more compassionate towards you, since I know you probably felt awful and wanted to make sure everything was OK.

  3. mortonmalaise Says:

    Sounds like the guy was a bit of a douchebag.

  4. jenjw4 Says:

    Yah, but I did get the impression that my hitting him was just one more thing adding to an already bad day. (That’s why I asked him about havign a bad day, it seemed pretty apparent that I wasn’t the only thing that was pissing him off…)

  5. auto news Says:

    geneva show is great this year looking forward to next

  6. jadedgirl Says:

    What a jerk, bad day or not…shit happens, get over yourself dude and lighten up…there wasn’t any damage and no one was hurt…no harm, no foul.

    Sorry you had to experience that…and glad you are ok.


  7. Sue Says:

    Whew! Glad it was just minor~ And…Honda CR-V’s are ugly! 🙂

  8. NewsAnchorMom Says:

    I used to drive a Honda CRV! I had the old model, though a 2000. I really liked it. I do not like the look of the new ones. Hopefully the one you hit is a new one.
    What a bummer for you though!

  9. Jeep2000 Says:

    It’s always the little things that get to me, too!
    A few years back someone ran through an intersection and totaled my car. I bought a new Jeep Wrangler and mere weeks later was driving on McClure and stopped at the light by the library. Some dude bumped right into my back bumper. Mind you, I was still in the jittery stage of driving after being in an accident, too.
    I jumped out and glared at him, and all he said was “Sorry, I spaced the light, maaaannnn!”
    I just shook my head and got back in the car.

    Here’s to minor fender-benders, at least for the comic relief.

  10. jenjw4 Says:

    Oh, I hate that after accident anxiety and it seems to stick around for awhile.

    Yes, this was an ugly boxy CR-V. (And I like boxy cars, like old volvo’s and bmw’s, but not the ugly boxy SUV’s.)

  11. Cd698 Says:



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