“Taco Meatball Ring” was the first recipe

Last night I went to the “Taste of Home” cooking show with my friends Katrina and NHBC. We had a good time. In an eye rolling, OMG, kind of way.

The show was….how should I put it?


For example, the host explained the difference between a clove of garlic and a head of garlic.

And it was very, very commercial.

Especially for something that wasn’t free. Tickets were reasonable, ten dollars, and I can understand having sponsers. But the show went beyond that into overt product placement and cringe worthy audience participation.

One sponser was McCormick Spices. All Taste of Home recipes specify “_ tsp McCormick ________.” That doesn’t bother me. I just subsititute my cheap ass Aldi’s or Dollar Tree basil, cumin, etc…

But during the show, one unfortunate lucky volunteer was asked to lead a cheer.

Give me an S!


Give me a P!


Give me an I!


Give me a C!


(Now if they had stopped there it would have put a totally different spin on the evening.)

Give me an E!


What’s that spell?


What’s your favorite spice?

Not oregano or tumeric, we were directed to respond:



Viva! papertowels was another sponser and everytime the hostess tore a paper towel off the tube we were instructed to yell “Viva!”

Yes, really.

Katrina, NHBC and I kept our mouths-a-shut and our eyes a-rollin’ but, amazingly, the rest of the audience seemed to enthusiastically participate. Maybe they were afraid of an uncomfortable, deathly silence, similar to when a disliked teacher asks a rudimentary question that only a huge kiss-up would answer. (And, yes, I often was that huge kiss up.)

None of us won a door prize either, darn. I really wanted to win the stainless steel fridge, but some lucky lady from Dunlap won it. As I told Katrina, “I have sour grapes. I’m sure her kitchen is WAY nicer than mine.”

Nevertheless, it was great to see Katrina and NHBC. It was fun, just maybe not in the way “Taste of Home” meant it to be.

Oh, and here’s a link to the taco meatball ring recipe.
(The host started making it and we were like, OKAY? There’s just something wrong with the phrase “Taco Meatball Ring;” I just can’t put it into words. However, once it was prepared, NHBC said “Wow, it’s starting to look good, maybe I WILL make that!” Hmmmm…. her contribution to the next book club meeting?)

Note to Katrina: I still haven’t found the damn rolling pin!


6 Responses to ““Taco Meatball Ring” was the first recipe”

  1. East Bluff Barbie Says:

    Whenever I am at stuff like that I like to be over the top. I just makes things more fun. If they want me to yell Viva, I’m going to yell Viva so they will never forget it.

  2. Ramble On Says:

    I would have yelled Bounty and Spice Island just for the hell of it! Or at least I would have wanted too.

  3. BeanCounter Says:

    I am pretty certain a woman who makes roasted onion gorgonzola soup isn’t really Taste of Home’s target market. I have quite a few of their cookbooks, but they are mostly for my “must feed large groups of people who don’t enjoy trying new things and/or I don’t like enough to spend real money on ingredients” aka family reunions and office potlucks.

  4. mortonmalaise Says:

    I would’ve yelled, “I like beans!”, or something else completely inappropriate for the situation that I won’t put on someone else’s blog.

  5. chef Kevin Says:

    I happened to be at the one in Springfield, IL last? year. I was so annoyed. Are you going to teach these people how to cook something or yammer on endlessly about nothing?

  6. food lover Says:

    It’s too bad you didn’t enjoy the evening. I thought it was a lot of fun. And, your comments actually sound pretty cruel.

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