Sibling Rivalry

My daughter was in quite a mood this weekend. In her defense, she was recuperating from being sick most of last week. On the other hand, gosh, she was being awfully, awfully awful.

Saturday Chris was gone most of the day. During his absence she started referring to him as “The MAN you CALL my FATHER.”


What does she know that I don’t?

Will I soon find myself on an episode of Maury getting the results of a DNA test?

Had she suddenly noticed her resemblence to the mailman, Randy? (Ha ha, randy Randy?)

But she wasn’t questioning his parentage as much as his parenting. Her brother had told her that “Dad loves me more, that’s why I never get in trouble and you always do.”

I really wanted to respond that “Taylor doesn’t get in trouble because he doesn’t go around maligning his parent(s).” But that would be childish. And untrue. Taylor does get in trouble.* Just not as often as his sister wishes he did.

*For example, he was sternly talked to for his role in this drama, for what we call “instigating.”

Reagan is a bright girl. She knows Taylor likes to aggravate her, so really, why would she believe such BS? It’s confounding.

My sisters and I fought as children (I have the scars to prove it, thank you M!), so I expected some sibling rivalry. But the constant jealousy Reagan has regarding her brother has been shocking.

And I don’t know what to do about it.


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