(Otherwise known as “field mice”)

I think my nephew F. may some day be a multimillionaire. He’s eleven and the most entreprenurial member of my family, by far. He collects items on trash day to repair and re-sell. Once he took an instrument to the shopping center near his house and played it to collect tips. (He stood outside the Dollar General.)

Recently F. posted a question on Yahoo! Answers:

“Do you have to have a license to open a rodent business?”

Yahoo emailed me his question – we are set up as contacts – and it immediately piqued my interest. “Rodent business?” I am sure, that like the musical pan handling, this is not a plan endorsed by his mother.

Following the link, the question was elaborated upon; F. states that:

“I have a really good aim there is a nest out side my house full of rats not mice RATS, and I hit them every time from across the yard. I have a crossman co2 1088 and my aim is almost perfect. Inside I dont break anything at all and I have traps. So do you think you have to have a license to do this?”

To me, it’s pretty apparent that F. is seeing this as a money making opportunity. Rat abatement=cash in hand….

However, the savants at Yahoo Answers seem to think he wants to sell the dead rats. For example, one person’s response is:

“How is that a business? You going to sell the carcasses?”

Okay, yah, I’m sure there’s a big market for dead rats.

Another person offered this insightful advice:

“Go to a local sporting goods store and ask ’em if you need a hunting license to hunt rats.
You WILL need a tax license to run a rat-hunting business.”

And, my favorite response, from my mom (F.’s grandmother):

“F., I think those are voles, not rats.”

Doesn’t she realize she just ruined all his rat killing street cred?


7 Responses to “(Otherwise known as “field mice”)”

  1. Angie Says:

    Guess whose husband had a business breeding, raising and selling mice and rats?

  2. jenjw4 Says:

    Oooppps…. (but in my defense, the commenter’s seemed to think he wanted to sell DEAD rats, which I think would have a smaller market than live ones)

  3. mostprepossessing Says:

    Sounds as lucrative as his mothers “books and coconut bras” stand.

  4. mortonmalaise Says:

    I’m sure you miss that business terribly. You’ve told me some stories about dark characters coming to the door at odd hours asking about animals.

  5. Rosarw Says:

    omg.. good work, brother

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