President’s Day

Yesterday we did nothing presidential. Reagan and a friend went ice skating. And, silly teenage girls they are, wouldn’t wear gloves or coats because that would be “dorky.” Freezing, apparently, is “cool?”

While the kids were skating, SS, Taylor and I went to run errands. First stop, Vallartas for lunch, then on to Walmart. SS needed coconut products, yes, more than one; she loves that brown fruit. In fact that’s really what she should (re)name her blog; I love that brown fruit!; I’m sure she’d get some interesting visitors via google.

Taylor and I needed the ingredients for pineapple banana smoothie cupcakes. (Yes, it’s a willful suspension of disbelief, pretending that cupcakes containing pineapple, banana and the word “smoothie” in the title are healthy!)

Checking out, SS was approached by an elderly gentleman, who started a conversation about his good health, due to eating lots of produce and having acres and acres of gardens. He was quite vehement. Luckily he didn’t notice the contents of our grocery cart. Cat food. Kitty litter. Cake mix. Two clearance sweaters (in non-baby poop colors, my new resolution!). Coconut oil. Coconut milk. No produce.

Unfortunately, Mr. Talks-a-lot-and-has-lots-of-nose-hair, joined us for the walk to the exit. He began ranting about young folks. “They just don’t like to work.” I thought he was talking to us as peers, commiserating about the sad state of young people – such as Taylor, who was with us – but SS thought the comment might have been directed towards us. Either way, at this point Tay and I decided to ditch SS with the old dude.

SS: “Thanks a lot.”

Quickly thinking, I said “Oh, I thought if we got ahead of you, you could say ‘I need to catch up with my friends.'”

I started the car, and SS, trying to help Taylor unload the groceries, opened the back door, not knowing Reagan had thrown all the trash from the back seat into the trunk area on our way to Peoria. I let out a little gasping scream and, in an instant, SS was enveloped in a swirling vortex of Taco Bell wrappers, expired coupons, and newspapers.

Mexican food, Walmart, littering…. not reverential to any president, but definitely American.

One Response to “President’s Day”

  1. idonotknowme Says:

    So what does this old coot eat when his gardens are a frozen tundra (i.e. today and the last few months) ??

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