Valentine’s Day Wishes

Yesterday I wrote this entry, but didn’t get around to finishing it:

“For Valentine’s Day I wish I had:

a clean car

a clean bedroom

a clean bathroom

Noticing a trend? Apparently we are slobs. Especially me.”

Today I’m a bit sad because my husband didn’t get me anything, WAY WORSE, he didn’t do anything for the holiday at all. And, no, we never had a “let’s not celebrate Valentine’s Day” discussion. He knew that I was planning a special meal, that I had researched recipes, shopped for the supplies, and that the meal was more elaborate than my normal cooking. (Anyone ever made risotto? The stirring’s a bitch.)

He didn’t forget. He just chose to do nothing.

And I’m pretty bummed about it today.


5 Responses to “Valentine’s Day Wishes”

  1. jadedgirl Says:

    Yep…I am with ya. Boyfriend dropped the ball on me yesterday too. In his defense, he is a little under the weather, BUT…even after I sent him 2 Valentines cards online (we live in different cities), he didn’t even call to wish me a happy valentines, OR even respond to the cards I sent via email. Now…we ARE supposed to go out to dinner tommorrow night to celebrate…BUT…he is still feelin crappy, and my son is sick and so is his daughter. SO, we’ll see if we do anyhting at all. What’s worse…he’s gonna feel like a heel when he sees that I spent 5 hours on his gift ( I made him a whole basket of heart shaped, decorated cookies, peanut butter thumbprints, and heart shaped chocolate chip cookies) I also added his favorite snacks ie combos, and snickers… I ALSO…made him a homemade card that took me 3 hours to put together.

    SO…he may be feelin a little bad tommorrow when I give it to him. And he didn’t even say “Happy 1st Valentines Day, babe!”

    Ugghh…men, right?????


  2. jenjw4 Says:

    Yes, in my husband’s defense, he wasn’t in a bad mood yesterday, gave me hug and wished me “Happy Valentine’s Day.” I guess I was just disappointed that he didn’t feel it was necessary to make any effort to do something special. Even something small.

  3. idonotknowme Says:

    This is why I established from the very beginning of my relationship with my wife that we do nothing for Valentine’s day. Expectations just lead to disappointment.

  4. mortonmalaise Says:

    Valentine’s Day, IMHO, is a bull$%^& corporate holiday. Then they add Sweetheart’s Day, which is also a load of bull$%^. Maybe I’m just bitter.

  5. Starla Says:

    I just went thru the same kind of thing this V-day. My boyfriend, who begged me to take him back in December didn’t even call me to wish me a Happy Valentines and we live in the same town!! He shows up at my place tonight, bearing no gifts, not a card, poem, etc….nothing but a sorry ass excuse.

    To me Valentines is a way for men to make sure that at some point throughout the year they have expressed to their significant other how much they love her. Plus I have been thru so much BS with this guy that this was the last straw. He expected me to take him back as usual, but guess what?? I had sex with a really hot guy 2 nights ago to get over him doing that to me and to feel desirable. Oh and tonight I finally ended the relationship!! Guys if you care about her, show her!! Women love to be pampered and reminded of how special we are and how much were loved.

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