Bullying update

Yesterday Reagan’s bully, Miranda, knocked down another student, A., in anger over A. flirting with her boyfriend.

She received a one day suspension from school. From the same principal that told me a suspension wasn’t useful in punishing Miranda because she doesn’t want to be at school anyway. A. is the daughter of a school administrator, so I guess they are taking it a little more seriously. Or maybe it’s a “three strikes situation?” (In addition to this ocurrence and hitting Reagan, Miranda also punched a 6th grade boy in the face.)

It’s apparent that Miranda has anger issues. And sad that there doesn’t seem to be any help available. I fear our small school is ill-equipped to handle such a troubled child – a child that will be 15 this spring and will be in 7th grade again next year, with a group of 12-13 year olds that are way more, shall we say, lacking in life experiences? (I say this because Miranda has be regaling the current 7th grade class with tales from her sex life.)

If there’s any upside to the situation, A. had been very unkind to Reagan about Miranda bullying her. She would make comments about Reagan being a baby and asked her questions like “Why are you trying to get Miranda in trouble?” So this experience is giving her an opportunity to “walk in Reagan’s shoes.”

(It was a little funny, but also a little sad when Reagan told me “I didn’t say ‘I told you so,’ but I did give her some advice: ‘Stay away from Miranda. Stay in large groups. Stay close to the teacher.'” All good advice, but sad that my daughter had to come up with her own safety plan for school because the school didn’t take care of the issue.)


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