Fred came to fix my dryer. He said “You know this is the third time I’ve fixed this thing. The first time it wouldn’t turn off, the second time it would turn off spontaneously and now it won’t turn on at all.” (There’s a Viagra joke in there somewhere.)

It was a blown fuse.

And it wasn’t the first time Fred has been to my house for such a moronic repair.

There was a previously blown fuse. (At which point I didn’t even realize that we HAD a fuse box, so it was a little embarrassing when Fred pointed it out to me in the corner of the laundry room. Guess I’m not that observant.)

A pipe that was leaking and needed to be tightened. (2 seconds with a wrench thingy.)

The non-running dryer repair-apparently the little hook-y thing on the door has to latch or it pops open and turns the dryer off. (It required a shot of W-D 40.)

Oh, and the time the water heater wouldn’t work. (The pilot light needed re-lit; in my defense, I did try to light it, but couldn’t get it lit and Chris was out of town.)

And my personal favorite: removal of a JarJar Binks action figure from the sump pump; it was holding up the little bobbing arm thing (like in a toilet) and making it run 24 x 7. (My son’s SW action figure set is no longer complete. Assinine Jar-Jar was sent to the landfill for his temerity.)

The list could go on. I would estimate that Fred has made repair calls to our house at least three times a year for the last eight years. Only once has the bill been more than a hundred dollars. (And that was for the purchase and installation of a new water heater.) Cheap repairs, but a sign that our mechanical aptitude is frightningly low!


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