Stiff peaks are hard to reach by hand.

I’m living in fear.

I’m superstitious and believe bad things happen in threes.

And last night my dryer broke. (With one wet load in it, one wet load in the washer and no clean towels in the house.)

Then my mixer took a dive. (In the midst of whipping egg whites for a souffle.)

What’s next? My furnace on the coldest day? My refrigerator full of food? My dishwasher the day after a manicure? It’s too much. The stress is getting to me.

AND I accidentally answered the phone at work this morning with “Oh, shit!”
The caller hung up.

Let’s hope it wasn’t my boss. Or worse, my boss’s boss.


One Response to “Stiff peaks are hard to reach by hand.”

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    […] came to fix my dryer. He said “You know this is the third time I’ve fixed this thing. The first time it […]

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