And it’s only 9:40 am.

This was a weird morning. First my cell phone did the “missed call” ring at 6:03 am, over an hour before I had to get up. I don’t know how I missed a call since the phone was right next to the bed all night. Then it rang again, a minute later.

My brother-in-law Walt. My first thought was jail.

After drying off with a dish towel, I got ready for work, wearing a shirt that makes me look pregnant, but covers my burgeoning muffin top.

The kids, they were odd, hovering little creatures this morning. Intent it seemed, upon being wherever I needed to be, verbally harranguing me to hurry, while physically impeding my progress.

I finally sent them to wait in the car.

Upon my arrival they were having an argument. Not about normal stuff like radio station selection or shotgun possession. But about snowflakes. A serious, adamant argument about SNOWFLAKES.

Taylor: “Reagan’s being stupid.”
Reagan: “Taylor’s being stupid.”
Me: ??????
Taylor: “Reagan says that there ARE identical snowflakes.”
Reagan: “Taylor says no two snow flakes are alike. And look at all the snow. There are BILLIONS of snowflakes and there’s no way that no two are alike.”
Taylor: “Well, there are seven billion people and no two are the same.”
Reagan: “There are way more than seven billion snowflakes.”
Me: “Well, I think if you look at them with the naked eye there are some that would look alike, but under a microscope you would see differences.”
Me: “Why don’t you ask your science teacher, Mr. G.?”
Reagan: (sounding disgusted) “He knows about stuff like cells and diseases, not SNOWFLAKES!”
Me: (relieved, arriving at our destination) “Have a great day at school!”


3 Responses to “And it’s only 9:40 am.”

  1. NewsAnchorMom Says:

    I am siding with Taylor on this one. I don’t think there are any snowflakes that are alike. You’ll have to let us know what the teacher says. Smart kids!

  2. mortonmalaise Says:

    There are, in fact, no two snowflakes that are alike. It’s because the environmental variables that determine how the crystals form (wind speed, temperature, air pressure, humidity, etc.) vary rapidly within a cloud. No two points inside the cloud have the same growing environment.

  3. jenjw4 Says:

    Thank you for the info. I had always heard the “no two alike” saying, but was starting to wonder if it was a myth. (About to look it up on Snopes!) I’ll tell Reagan but I wonder if she’ll believe me. She still swears that right now it’s “Lint” because a classmate told her so. (I keep telling her it’s “Lent” but she doesn’t believe me!)

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