“No Luv”

Today’s paper had an article about a 19-year-old pregnant woman attacked by four men. Maybe I’m jaded by too much news viewing but the thing that struck me most in the article was not the brutality of beating a pregnant woman but the following sentence:

“The group did not attempt to rob her but did yell ‘No Luv’ as they continued beating her.”

“No Luv?”

Not “No Love?”

How did the police know; are abusers of the pregnant known for their poor spelling? Did they just look like the type of guys prone to abbreviating?

Has someone in the news room spent too much time on AIM?

Or is “No Luv” a pop culture reference I am too old (and clueless) to know about?


5 Responses to ““No Luv””

  1. Pammy Says:

    I believe that “No Luv” is the name of one of Peoria’s gangs. And yea…they probably spell it that way because none of ’em can spell worth shit. heh

  2. Jennifer Says:

    Ahhh… that makes sense. I figured there had to be something I just wasn’t gettin’

  3. Secret Server Says:

    I did not know “No Luv” is a gang either. You would think the JS would include that info for clarification.

  4. mostprepossessing Says:

    I’m certain they are a gang. There was graffiti of theirs on things in my old neighborhood. At a neighborhood association meeting in the old neighborhood, a policeman mentioned them as an up and coming gang in Peoria. They are relatively new, so there are mostly young people in the gang, no O.G.s (original gangsters).

  5. mortonmalaise Says:

    The dangerous thing about an up and coming gang is that they have to work to gain respect on the street. This generally means beating or killing people, vandalizing property, and stealing.

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