The “Good Wood”

This falls under the catagory of “Hairy Muffin

Last night Reagan walked up to me and said “I just changed my name on Myspace to ‘Good Wood’

To clarify, “Wood” is my kids’ last name. (My last name is hyphenated.)

You can guess where my mind leapt.

I asked the obvious question: “Why?”

She responded: “One day I brought in cookies for Mr. G. and he said ‘thanks, YOU’RE the GOOD Wood.'” (He has my son in class, too, and likes to tease my kids, doing things like calling them by each other’s name.)

I gave Reagan a brief definition of the slang term; she was really embarrassed and ran and changed her user name, I think to “Agreeably Tumescent.”


2 Responses to “The “Good Wood””

  1. katearch1978 Says:

    That is funny!

  2. Anon E. Mouse Says:

    Good wood is a baseball term, too – you should know that Kate.

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