My kids received their report cards last Friday.

Not awful, but:

Reagan had a C in science and Taylor had a low B.

Worse then that, though, was their teacher’s comment:
“Could do better.”

A less pretentious way of saying “doesn’t work up to full potential,” but more subtle than saying “Your spawn is LAZY.”

I’m really upset with both of my children and gave them a lovely, rambling lecture, with the main theme being “Lazy is a choice, dumb is not. I’d rather have you be dumb, which you couldn’t help, than lazy which you can.”

Of course, dumb is forever, but hopefully lazy can be conquered. Right?

Honestly, it’s the lack of effort, their unwillingness to give every assignment their all that is upsetting me. If Reagan had worked really hard on science and received a “C,” I wouldn’t be thrilled, but I could accept it.

I’m just not sure what an appropriate punishment or motivator is at this time. Reagan is grounded for the C, that’s just our general house rule, “nothing below a B.” But I’m beginning to question that rule.

According to their teachers, both kids are capable of being A students, and both also seem (usually) equally capable of figuring out exactly how much work they need to do to stay out of the “red zone” of C’s and below. Since they could get all A’s, should that be our requirement?

I’m really torn about this and would love any advice. Am I overreacting? Is this laziness of the last year or so just a product of their ages? (13 and 14) Or is it something I need to “nip in the bud” before it worsens?


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  1. PeoriaIllinoisan Says:

    Nip. In my humble opinion they should know that you expect nothing less than their 100% best effort. If give it all and still fall short, love them for trying.

  2. chester Says:

    I visit your site only once in a while, so I don’t know the relationship with the teacher. That said, though, as a mom to an 8th grader and 5th grader, I’ve found that more engaged teachers provide more valuable comments – teachers whose insight into your student’s performance is “could do better” could stand to be a little less lazy themselves. Also? I love the statement that “lazy is a choice, dumb is not” – I now have a new weapon against the “I can’t do my homework because I’m so stuuuuuupid” routine (“sit your butt in the chair and do it” was getting old). Thanks!

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