2008 Election, part 2

Yesterday I posted my “who to vote for” woes and today I visited Pretty in Pink’s blog and found a calculator for picking your candidate.

Neither of my self proclaimed “top 2” was the victor. Damn. But Barack was higher in the rankings than Hillary. So more to think about. Oh, and I appreciate everyone’s thoughtful responses to yesterday’s post. I really thought I’d get flamed.


5 Responses to “2008 Election, part 2”

  1. HollowSquirrel Says:

    I matched with the same as you! And Mike Gravel, who I matched with in another online calculator.

  2. jadedgirl Says:

    I was pretty happy with the choice it made for me, although…I wasn’t prepared for what I got. Ku-dog and Gravel were at the top for me.

    I liked the calculator…thought it was fun and could really be helpful for those undecided out there.


  3. idonotknowme Says:

    How can anyone be so “undecided” that some online calculator would be helpful. The idea that somebody can be undecided right up until they actually vote is totally insane to me, yet that is what many of the “undecided” claim.

    Are any of the candidates perfect? No. Do I have a first, second, third and so forth choice?. Hell yes. I do not have to wonder whom I will vote for in any scenario because I have thought through that ranking already so no matter who is left when it comes time for me to vote, I won’t be “undecided”.

  4. jenjw4 Says:

    Yes, I won’t be deciding in the voting booth, either.
    Voting is such a responsiblity (and, really, an honor), that I feel like I should do as much research as I can. I’ve had it narrowed down to Hillary vs. Obama for awhile now and like both; that’s where the indecision comes in. I can see “pro’s” to either one (and “con’s,” too) and am trying to decide between 2 similar candidates issue-wise, but with two different personalities.

  5. idonotknowme Says:

    Fortunately on the Republican side there are substantive issue differences among the candidates so we don’t have to make such an important decision based on personality 🙂

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