2008 Election Hillary vs. Obama

I’ve been watching the debates and reading the newspaper in an attempt to decide who to vote for in the Democratic primary. I like Hillary. I like Obama. I would feel comfortable choosing either ahead of any of the Republican challangers. So now I’m left wading through the available data trying to pick who is most electable. And, so far, I just can’t decide.

The main anti-Hillary argument I have heard from other women is that they can’t believe she stayed with Bill. WTF? I think it’s fine to disagree, to say “I would NEVER have stayed.” BUT, the bottom line is:

Why are we, as women, so keen to judge her? Bill was a rotten husband. She decided to stay, and whatever her reason, it was personal, and she shouldn’t be condemned for doing what she determined was right for her (and her child’s) life.

I can understand the enmity, the condemnation and the reasoning that was used against Bill, the argument that while his poor behaviour took place in a private sphere, they lead to lies in the public and were indicative of his character.

But what does that have to do with Hillary? I know some will trot out the “birds of a feather” argument; however, is one liable for the faults of one’s mate? I don’t think we hold other people accountable in such a way. For example, George W. has admitted to some pretty rotten behaviour in the early years of his marriage. Should Laura have left him? She couldn’t have predicted that he would straighten out his life and become president.

Furthermore, marriage can be so difficult; I can’t imagine the added stress of constantly being in the public eye. For Hillary, staying had to be tremendously difficult and I think it shows her strength in character, that she was able to hold her head up high and deal with the an obviously awful and humiliating situation.

Either way, I really feel the situation with Bill is a moot point in regard to her ability to lead, to govern our nation. She should be judged on her personal merit as a leader, not on the actions of someone else.

So I’m back to my beginning quandry, Hillary vs. Obama, and I would appreciate any input from proponents of either. (Ollie?)


8 Responses to “2008 Election Hillary vs. Obama”

  1. katearch1978 Says:

    I agree with you, J. I think work and private lives are separate and need to remain so.

    Billy Boy could very possibly be the poster child for cheating husbands. Personally, he may be a piece of crap. And no administration is perfect, but I prefer his to what we currently have. But I think it was in poor taste for Bill to describe Obama’s campaign as a fairy tale this week.

    Anyway…I very much like Obama. I think that he could be our generation’s JFK. I like a lot of what he stands for and his message of unity. I think that much more can be accomplished under his administration than that of the other candidates.

    I do like HRC as well. I think she is tough enough to handle the job. And if Obama was not in the picture I would probably be all for her.

    Good luck!

  2. HollowSquirrel Says:

    And if Hillary would have left Bill? Well game over, because the hypocritical “Family Values Police” would have been spouting the marriage vows that Hillary took with Bill. Her situation leaves people to criticize whichever avenue she took with him. I think their relationship was built on mutual respect for each other’s intellect and admiration for the others’ strengths. I think they love each other and their private lives? That’s for them to deal with…not ours. Is anyone sloshin’ old Rudy Guiliani for having three wives? No, and I don’t think those were on the up and up in terms of rotten behavior.

    Although I’m certainly ready for Hillary in the White House (and I do like Obama, too, but I’d like him to have a few more years under his belt), I honestly don’t think America is…just look at how few women we have in Congress compared to other nations in Africa and Europe! We’re far behind. We say we’re progressive, but we’re not. Powerful white women still rub many the wrong way (hi, Martha…I’m talking to YOU…but I heart you!).

    I’m not sure what’s going to happen. I wish Hillary & Obama could ticket together…that would be incredible. I’m sure this doesn’t help you, eh? πŸ™‚

  3. jadedgirl Says:

    Hillary stayed with Bill for her political aspirations, and Bill’s “connections” to that world…she’s no dummy. I know what Bill did wasn’t morally correct, but it takes nothing away from the fact that he was a good president. JFK was the biggest philanderer in the world…and yet…good president. The personal lives of the political world are much less important to me than the fact that this country has lousy healthcare, and we are involved in a war we cannot win. Bushy was a whisky drinkin cokehead…I don’t care. I only care about the fact that he is incompetent in his job, and not his personal life. I’m with you on the whole Hillary thing…the fact that she stayed with Bill was a personal decision, and has nothing to do with her ability to run our country. I think she’s smart, and very capable. Obama is wonderful…I like him for many reasons. His past “pot smoking” was what kids do…and even some adults do. I couldn’t care less…he is also intelligent and capable (albeit perhaps a little inexperienced)

    Truth be told…I’m not voting for either of them in the primary, though…I just happen to like one other candidate better. But, whoever gets the nod if the dems win (God please!) It’s truly a win-win.

    I’m not sure if this helped you, but I’d thought I’d chime in anyways.


  4. PeoriaIllinoisan Says:

    I don’t think America is ready for a female president and I don’t think she will win. Bill aside, she’s got two things going against her. 1. She comes off as meanspirited. 2. She’s a woman. I say that not to offend, but I think for all of the strides women have made, and as much as we try to say everyone’s equal, they are still generally looked down upon.

    I really think Obama can pull it off. He’s got charisma and like it or not, that’s what it takes to get elected. Other than white supremacists, I think people look up to and respect educated and well spoken Black males.

    Just my two cents.

  5. ollie Says:

    I can give you a ton of BS as to why I am backing Obama, but for me, it boils down to two points

    1) I have been moderately active during some local campaigns, and the politicians that I’ve met have told me that the Obama you see in public is the same one you see in private. They have ALL told me that he is the real deal; in fact, Senator Shadid (my former state Senator) worked for him in Iowa.

    2) Demographics. Obama has a style of speaking and answering questions that appeals to students, teachers, professors and science/math geeks. πŸ™‚

    Of course, that quality might hurt him with others.

    On the other hand, my family in Texas is backing HRC; mostly my mom and sister are genuinely touched that a woman is a credible candidate.

    Frankly, I like HRC when she was speaking as a Senator; I don’t like her campaign style.

    On the issues: she is somewhat corporate friendly and a bit too much of a hawk; note that she always talks about being against “a rush to war” rather than being “against war”.

    On a personal note: she actually has had close male friends; I understand that she is far friendlier than she appears in public. I think that her “human moment” the night before the primary really opened more women to her and that is one reason why she pulled in all those undecided voters.

    Obama got the percentage that was predicted.

    As far as being black: unfortunately, the rest of the nation is NOT Illinois; it will hurt him. Still, I think that he is skilled enough to overcome it.

  6. jenjw4 Says:

    Thanks, everyone, for the great, well thought-out comments.

    It makes me a little sad, though, that in 2008 a candidate’s skin color or gender would still be a factor. (Not referring to you guys, I know you are just pointing out a practical matter that I really hadn’t thought about)

  7. diane vespa Says:

    The Clintons had their chance. Wasn’t Hillary talking about health care in the early – mid 90’s? Has anything really changed? Her lips move but can you believe anything that comes out of them?

    I like Obama because I have the sense that he has a cool head. He can simmer things down around the globe. Lets dump the old guards and bring in the new ones. We have raped and pillaged our planet enough It’s time for the younger generation to move in and clean up the mess.

  8. reno Says:

    Meh, I think that people who are judging her by her appearance, voice, or marriage are 1-dimensional morons. But, so are people who vote for her solely because she’s a woman. Me, nah, I don’t support her. But that has more to do with her stance on issues and her ways as a politician. Like claiming to have Jewish roots right before the NY election (where there’s a large Jewish voting bloc). I wouldn’t trust someone who is so eager to get into a position of power that they’ll say ANYTHING.

    Just my two cents.

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