Tory? Whig?

We played “Catch Phrase” again last night, with adults on one team, kids on the other.

Taylor was giving clues to Reagan and said “Opposite of liberal.”

and Reagan responded:


Oh, it was soooo funny.

Next, Chris had the word “snorkel” and was giving me clues. I knew exactly what he meant, but my brain was not cooperating. It didn’t help that he said “Rhymes with pork.” That lead me away from brainstorming about underwater apparatuses (yes, I looked it up and it’s not “apparati”) and onto “bork, cork, dork, fork, gork, hork… God, a lot of words rhyme with “pork;” snorkel, however, does NOT.


One Response to “Tory? Whig?”

  1. Secret Server Says:

    Now if he would have said “pork roll” that would have been different. Also, the other day my coworker chastized me for saying “two espressos”, insisting that it should be esspressi. I disagreed and he pointed out that our esspresso machine says “esspressi” on the digital display when you push the button for two cups. So I thought he had won the argument, but I just looked it up, and the plural of esspresso is espressos.

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