We had a nice New Year’s Eve. No one threw up the entire time! This was a victory because my house was vomitrocious for over a week. First it was my own family (everyone but me, knock on wood), then Taylor’s friend J. spent the night and threw up. And threw up. And threw up. Poor kid. It’s not fun being sick at someone else’s house. (Okay, he practically lives at our house, so hopefully, he wasn’t that uncomfortable. And, luckily, he’s old enough to clean up his own puke.)

New Years Eve my friend SS and her family spent the night, plus Taylor’s friends J. and B. Certain other people wimped out, claiming spousal illness. My sister, K., also decided not to come. She had the grand excuse of taking her car to get the oil changed. Hmmm…. And there was also an obscure gender neutral reference to a “friend” coming over to her house that evening. Boyfriend?

We all played games, including “Imaginiff” (fun) and Catch Phrase (also fun). In Catch Phrase you have to give clues to your teammates to guess a random word or phrase. On J.’s turn he would say, “Umm, ummm, I don’t know, Ummm…. this is hard.” B.’s method could be called “talking to the deaf/or non-native English speaker:”











(game beeps, he’s out)

(I really shouldn’t make fun of anyone else; I am awful at games; the night before we were playing Catch Phrase and my phrase was “If the shoe fits” and my clue to my teammates was “you put it on your foot.” “Shoe?” Yes! Now: “blank blank shoe blank.”)

SS’s boys are still at our house and I’m back at work. Okay, back in my office, not exactly working at this moment. I can’t believe Christmas and New Year’s Eve are over. This school year is going by way too fast and it totally freaks me out, probably because next year my little guy will be in high school and my little girl will be in 8th grade. It just doesn’t seem possible.

There are a ton of resolutions I should be making. To exercise. To work on our finances (lack thereof!). To lose 30 pounds. To cook better. To clean more. To be a better wife/mother/daughter/friend/sister/aunt/employee. But all of those things seem overwhelming and, frankly, I’m afraid I would fail.

So I’ve narrowed my resolutions down to the following:
1. Eat better. (more fruits/veggies, less baked goods)
2. Be more patient with my kids.
3. No arguing in front of the kids. (Okay, now that I think about that, wouldn’t “not arguing” be a better resolution?)

Guess how many of these I’ve already broken? (BUT not abandonded!)


5 Responses to “Puke”

  1. mostprepossessing Says:

    Spousal illess was only half of the wimping out, the other half was fear of driving on snow covered roads. I’m sorry that I’m a sucky friend. That’s part of my New Year’s Resolution, so if you invite me to any party other than another one of your “key” parties, I’ll come.

  2. East Bluff Barbie Says:

    I love Catch Phrase! We have so many funny stories about playing it with our friends and neighbors. I’m glad everyone is feeling better too. Happy New Year!!!

  3. Ms. PH Says:

    I think no arguing in front of the kids is a perfectly acceptable resolution. I don’t think it is practical to say “No arguing, period.”

    Of course, I wouldn’t have a job if I wasn’t allowed to argue.

  4. jenjw4 Says:

    MP, oh, sure. I know you love a good key party…

    EBB, I love Catch Phrase, too. It’s a great party game, being fast paced…

    Ms. PH, True… I do want to make my goals do-able… and never arguing would be highly (extremely? Hugely?) unlikely…

  5. Cory Says:

    My New Years resolution is to quit smoking in bars. I’m doing pretty well so far.

    Catch Phrase is the greatest game ever. Last time we played, one of my words was “Iraqi Spider Hole”. Yeah. It’s even more fun as a drinking game. The team that loses the point drinks, and the person that got stuck with the thing has to take 5 drinks. It gets interesting.

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