Random wrap-up

I’m glad it’s Christmas vacation. Reagan is getting a break from her bullying situation. Hopefully that will blow over during the holidays. Maybe not, though, since the Tuesday before break the other child struck Reagan at school and we called the police…. I’m hoping that won’t make the situation worse, but fear it might, because the other girl seems to have no remorse or fear of authority.

We had a nice Christmas. The kids mainly got books; Reagan’s list consisted of 22 of them, and I was able to find all but one. Taylor got books plus a few video games.

But onto present day. Last night my husband and daughter were both explosively, projectile vomiting ill. Ugh. And I am an awful nurse. I mainly remained in bed and thought the following:

1. Ick.

2. Can’t you go vomit in the OTHER bathroom?

3. Oh, and while you’re up, how about getting me a drink of cold water. Crushed ice, not cubes, please.

4. And make sure you put on a pair of gloves before you handle the glass; I don’t want to get sick, too.

5. You’re up again? Ugh. Maybe you could just lie on the bathroom floor for awhile? All this getting up and down to upchuck is keeping me awake.

6. Really, again? How big, exactly, is your stomach, that it can hold such quantities of food to rohlf back up?

7. The couch is comfy… and out of earshot, how about giving it a try?

8. How about getting out the lysol and spraying everything down before you infect the rest of us?

9. OMG, all this puking is making me sick….

As you can see, I could NEVER be a doctor or a nurse.

I’m at work now, and frankly relieved to be out of the house of illness. It’s likely my boss will call and let me leave early (day before a holiday) but I’m thinking of asking to stay. Or sneaking into Peoria instead of going home.

I’m looking forward to New Year’s Eve. We stay home and have a few friends over. It’s the birthday of my bff’s youngest child so it’s a double celebration for us.

I hope everyone else is enjoying the holidays, too, and thinking up lots of wonderful blog posts to keep me entertained!


One Response to “Random wrap-up”

  1. Rixblix Says:

    Given all that goes on with my kids, you’d think I’d be a better nurse-maid, too. But no. Every time I bring up the possibility of nursing school with The Man, he laughs hysterically and reminds me how much sick people really annoy me. Hope your sick-o’s get better soon!

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