Crossing my toes…

Today my son and his 8th grade class are taking the Constitution test, the exam you must pass to be promoted to 9th grade.

The teacher prepares them very well for the test. There are tons of worksheets, essays and packets of paper for them to fill out and study in the preceding weeks. Plus, he apparently scares the living be-jesus out of them with the threat of retention.

Dire enough warnings that Taylor’s friend B. proclaimed:
“I’ve been studying everyday for two weeks WITHOUT even having the TV on!”


4 Responses to “Crossing my toes…”

  1. Billy Dennis Says:

    This sounds like my kinda teacher!

  2. Anon E. Mouse Says:

    …and if he does happen to fail he will only get another 11 chances to make it up.
    Had a kid in my 8th Grade class who attempted to cheat, got busted, and they let him retake the test and he passed.

  3. jadedgirl Says:

    Hey Jen…If you would like the address to my new blog you can get it through Katie (Notes from the trailerhood) or Sue (My Flock Rocks)

    I hesitate to post it because of crazy blog stalker-azzi.

    Hope you have a great holiday, hon.


  4. jenjw4 Says:

    I’m proud, he passed with the 2nd highest grade in his class (the social studies teacher’s daughter scored 1 point higher…)

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