Bitch, part 2

I should entitle this post “Why B.’s (step)mom is a BITCH.”

Talking to Taylor’s friend B. in the car, we had the following conversation:

B: “When I get my license, will you buy me a nicer car than my dad’s going to?”
Me: (jokingly) “B. I’ll buy you a nicer car if you buy me a nicer house.”
B: “There is a house being built next door to mine.”
Me: “Oh, perfect, then we could be neighbors!”
B: “But what about *C.?” (*C. is the stepmom)
Me: (lying) “She’s always been nice to me; it would be fine.”

B: (turning around and asking Taylor) “You didn’t tell her?”
Taylor responded in the negative and kept his eyes cast down.

B: “C. says you are scum.”

I asked Taylor if she had said this in front of him. He mumbled “Yes.”

Me: “Why does she think that I am ‘scum?'”
B: “Because your house is messy.”

Now, my house is messy. Not “Oprah, I’m a hoarder with 60 tons of trash in my house” messy, but your average “the toilet needs scrubbed, shoes in the entryway, stacks of bills on the dining room table” messy.

I pointed out that C. has never been inside my house.

B: “One time when she picked me up, she saw your table through the window and there was stuff on it, so she says your house is messy.”

Me: (Holding my tongue, wanting to screech BITCH) “Blake, yes, my house is messy, and if C. doesn’t like me because of that, that’s her right. But, she really shouldn’t talk like that in front of you, or Taylor.”

Apparently, this conversation about us being scum happened last weekend, after C. hit B. in front of Taylor. She said B. was trying to embarrass her in front of Taylor, but that it didn’t matter because we are “scum.”

I am, frankly, almost as shocked about this as I was about the actual slapping. How bitter. How unkind.

Now, my dilemma, do I say anything? Her behavior was, obviously, completely inappropriate. However, Taylor rarely (and now, NEVER) goes over to their house. And B. might face some swift and terrible retribution if C. is confronted. B. is Taylor’s best friend, a constant presence in our house, and I would really hate for our house, his refuge, to be withheld. But it’s really, really hard to hold my tongue.

I have come up with one plan. If C. shows up at any of Taylor and B.’s ball games I thought I would sit by her. And be very, very nice. Chat her up. Start a conversation about how difficult it can be to raise teenagers. How sometimes they can be so aggravating that one might feel the urge to slap them, but how, of course, that would be completely inappropriate. Oh, and by, the way, do you know any house cleaners? my house has been rather untidy of late and I really could use some professional help.


6 Responses to “Bitch, part 2”

  1. jadedgirl Says:

    I guess that I am not mature enough yet to be as smart as you are on this plan. I would confront her if it were me. But like I said, thats just me. I feel so bad for this kid. This woman sounds borderline abusive…seriosuly. Or maybe talk to “B’s” father about it instead of talking to her at first. People will always find something to make drama with in life, especially of they are unhappy with their own…
    Like I said, I would already have had the phone call going. But I understand that it is a touchy thing with your son being so close to the other child.
    I’m not sure what I would do if I were you, honestly…I just know that my temper would prolly get the better of me before I could come up with something better. The nerve of that BEOTCH!

    Want me to beat her up for you? LOL

    Hope it all works out for ya hon!


  2. Sue Says:

    MannMaids! Wait until she see you having your house cleaned by Hot guys!

  3. Ramble On Says:

    Ball game chat was great, up until the confrontational part. Seems like your home is a real refuge for B, if C knows he is repeating stuff, he may be in more trouble and not allowed to be at hour home. There is some truth in, “Love your enemies, it will drive them nuts”. Chat sweetly about how much your son enjoys B’s company and what a good time they have together doing……… whatever it is they do together. Sounds like B has all the problems he can handle. You are a saint for making him welcome.

  4. Cory Says:

    Glue thumbtacks in her windshield wipers. Then egg her house. She’ll think teenagers did it.

  5. jenjw4 Says:

    Cory, I like the way you think, but, alas, if I got busted for that in our little town, it’d be not good….

    It’s hard to do nothing when I really want to tell this lady off… but I fear the consequences (to B.) , so I just keep reminding myself, “Gosh, she must be a fucking miserable person to act like that.”

  6. HollowSquirrel Says:

    Yeah, sounds like she only says things like this to make herself feel better, which clearly, isn’t working. And I’m sure B would rather be at your house than hers, which probably drives her nuts. I’m so sorry that you and the boys have to deal with this behavior, but taking the high road is the only road that won’t end up with her son suffering.

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