My daughter’s 7th grade cellular biology class is currently studying sexual reproduction.

Reagan says a lot of the kids ask “really embarrassing questions.”

One girl’s question:
“Mr. G. when they look at the baby in a sonogram how do they tell if it’s a boy or a girl?”

The teachers response (blushing): “Uhhhh… they look to see if it has ‘girl parts’ or ‘boy parts.'”

(Sadly when I was pregnant with Taylor, one of Chris’s friends asked the same question; he was twenty-five at the time.)

The next girl asked:
“So what if the baby has both girl parts and boy parts?”

Reagan can’t remember what the teacher replied, but I doubt he used the word “hermaphrodite” in the answer.

There was also a question about homosexuality. The teacher’s response: “It’s when a boy feels like a girl or a girl feels like a boy.”

Um, no, that would be transsexual.

I really like this particular teacher. He’s engaging, enthusiastic, intelligent and really likes children. However, he does seem ill-equipped to handle sex ed questions, questions that curious children will likely ask when doing a unit on sexual reproduction, despite the teacher’s attempts to keep the class focused on the cellular level.

Unfortunately, this isn’t surprising. I had a Biology teacher at *ICC that covered the male sex organs, totally skipped their female counterparts, moved on to sexually transmitted diseases but had never heard of the human papilloma virus (hpv), the most common STD. He taught, oddly, a Biology class at ICC and automotive repairs at another college; hopefully he was more comfortable teaching about carburetors than clitorises, valves than vaginas.

*I’m not impugning ICC, I actually LOVED ICC and had some of the best teachers there, this particular teacher, however, was a dud. Seriously, before our first test (covering three chapters, all essay) I asked “Are there any particular topics that we should focus on in preparing for the test?” and he responded “Ms. J_______, if I’ve MENTIONED something in class, it’s important, so you should know it for the test.” (Shit, he would lecture the entire class, no overhead, no powerpoint, just lecture the entire class period, so I had, like 100 pages of notes for the first test.)


2 Responses to “Reproduction”

  1. Ramble On Says:

    Great that Reagan is comfortable enough to come home and talk to you about the topic. Way to go Mom!

  2. jennywo Says:

    “(Sadly when I was pregnant with Taylor, one of Chris’s friends asked the same question; he was twenty-five at the time.)”

    That is so sad, so funny and so true about many guys. Haha! I loved your post! Reagan’s teacher seemed a little out of sorts. He acted as if it were his first time teaching about sexual reproduction. :o)

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