Yesterday I wrote about my daughter’s phone theft.

Today things are worse. While at school yesterday the girl that stole the phone, Miranda, threatened to punch Reagan in the face. She also told everyone that Reagan lost the phone and is lying, blaming it on her.

Sides are being drawn between who believes Reagan and who believes the thief.

Unfortunately in middle school the reasoning isn’t all that logical. None of the kids are thinking, “What motivation would Reagan have to lie?” or “Why would she blame Miranda when they were friends?” or noting the fact that Miranda has been in trouble over various incidents ever since she came to the school and that Reagan has never been in trouble.

It is breaking my heart to see the aftermath my daughter is dealing with. She did nothing wrong. And while I do believe the majority of kids believe her, there are still the ones that are saying things to her like “Why are you lying about Miranda?”

And, she is having to deal with a bullying situation, with a girl that is older, bigger and way tougher than her.

I have called and talked to the principal about it. I also called the girl’s grandmother, who apologized and said that Miranda has had a hard life; that her mother is in jail. (I wanted to ask, “for stealing?”) But basically her attitude was “what can I do?”

As childishly whiny as it sounds, my inner voice keeps wailing “It’s just not fair.”


3 Responses to “Bullying”

  1. katearch1978 Says:

    I feel bad for Reagan. There really are fewer stages in life that suck as bad as middle school…ok, maybe high school.
    But anyway…that age is difficult without adding in that crap.
    I wish that there could be a way to help Reagan ignore it because she is a much bigger person than that turd (who surely has an orange jumpsuit in her future).

  2. Ramble On Says:

    Tough spot! Sure separates the friends from the “hanger On’ers”. At your daughter’s age, it is hard to believe that before too long, it will be someone else who is the center of the action. Encourage her to keep her head up and hang with the friends who have demonstrated their loyalty. Life sure doesn’t sound like a bed of roses for Miranda.

  3. keep passing the open windows » Blog Archive » Bullying update Says:

    […] Reagan’s bully, Miranda, knocked over another student, A., in anger over A. flirting with her […]

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