Bitch, part 1

I’ve been a lazy poster lately, busy but boring. I didn’t think anyone would relish posts about doing laundry, making cookies and grocery shopping. (While NAKED!!)

Speaking of the unbelievable, today is the last day that my “baby” is twelve years old. Tomorrow I will be the proud owner of two teenagers. To celebrate we are going to read about how the teenage brain is defective, while we eat red velvet cake and watch the tape of her birth.

Speaking of painful experiences, my son spent the night at a friends house, only to witness the friend get slapped by one of his parents. I can tell it made an impression on Taylor (Oh, yah, and I’m sure on the poor child), because when he arrived home instead of having this conversation:

Me: “Hi, Taylor, did you have a nice time at B’s house?”
Him: “Yah”
Me: “What did you do?”
Him: “Nothing.”
Me: “Did you play video games?
Him: “Yah”
Me: “Which ones?”
Him: “Some.”
Me: “What did you eat for dinner?”
Him: “Stuff.”

It went more like this:
Me: “Hi, Taylor. Did you have a nice time at *B.’s house?”
Him: “Yah, but ‘B’s’ Mom is mean.”
Me: “Mean specifically to you, or mean in general?”
Him: “Mean in general. She slapped B.”
Me: (Oh, Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo!!!)

I was (and am still) really, really shocked by this. Who slaps his/her 14 year old across the face? Especially in front of his friend and the rest of the family? Okay, the slapping is the main point, but the fact that this happened out in the open, like it is completely acceptable, really shocks me.

(*A little background, I have known B. since he was 6. He is a good boy. Bright, funny, good spirited. He has never been belligerent towards me, ever. He never gets in trouble at school; I know things can be complicated in a family, but in my heart I know he didn’t deserve this. I doubt whatever he did warranted more than a furrowed brow and a “cut it out.”)

Speaking of difficult situations, you should check out my friend Secret Server’s blog. She is having a tough time, but as always, finds a way to deal with it with humor and grace.

Now, I wish I could start this sentence with “Speaking of fabulous vacations….”


6 Responses to “Bitch, part 1”

  1. Secret Server Says:

    Awww, Jennifer. I feel anything but graceful, but thanks for the encouragement. I think it should be illegal to slap children. I wonder, if he slapped someone and they filed charges, would he be tried as an adult? Speaking of illegal, where did you go shopping naked? We should go together and take our kids!

  2. ollie Says:

    and grocery shopping. (While NAKED!!)
    Isn’t the weather a bit cold for that? 🙂

  3. 3 December 2007 « blueollie Says:

    […] one talked about doing household chores, and grocery shopping while naked: I’ve been a lazy poster lately, busy but boring. I didn’t think anyone would relish posts […]

  4. jenjw4 Says:

    I should never have said “Naked…”
    imagine all the porn spam I’m going to get now.
    I should also clarify:
    When I said that B. didn’t deserve this, I didn’t mean that if he was worse behaved that he would then deserve to be hit, just that he really is a great kid and I can’t imagine getting so upset with him that one would/could fly off the handle and do something like that.

  5. idonotknowme Says:

    I would appreciate advanced notice of any naked shopping trips…. 😉

  6. ollie Says:

    Don’t worry; no one from my blog has clicked on the link. 🙂

    Just funn’in with ya.

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