Chad’s visit

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. It was a super busy weekend for me, culminating in dinner and a movie with my friend Chad. He’s here from San Francisco for the week and yesterday was (possibly) the only time I will see him during this visit.

Reagan was bummed because Sunday was Christmas tree day. She made comments like “So, you love your friend Chad MORE than your family?” and “Chad’s only here for one week but this is the ONLY TIME ALL YEAR that we will put up a Christmas tree.” Geeesh.

She called me three times during my plans with Chad. “When are you going to be home?” “You JUST got to the movie?”

Her final phone call came during dinner.

Reagan: “You’re missing ‘Desperate Housewives’ and I saw a commercial, it’s the BEST one of the season.”
Me: “That’s okay. I’ll see it later.”
Reagan: “It won’t replay until summer.”
Me: “That’s okay, I’ll be home soon.”
Reagan: “Fine, but you missed putting up the tree.”
Me: “I know, but I’ll look at it right when I get home.”
Reagan: (huffily) “Have fun with your ‘friend.'”
Me: “Bye, love you”
Reagan: “That’s what you SAY.” (You know, vs. my actions, which clearly show my lack of love.)

It’s funny how kids learn to push your buttons. Reagan knows family is important to me and traditions are a significant part of our family life. So what better way to make me feel awful?

I did suggest that we wait a week to do the tree, but Reagan was adamant that the tree HAD TO go up last night. Manipulative, guilt inducing and rigid, it’s a lovely combo to live with. (In a more charitable mood I’d say she is persuasive, conscientious and determined.)

When I arrived home the tree did look lovely. Reagan and I chatted some; she still had a bit of a chip on her shoulder, but seems to be getting over it. Taylor and I read some of “The Golden Compass,” a book we started after I recieved this email from a co-worker. The email backfired; it made me curious and I purchased the book. (BTW, my co-worker believes every email she gets, including this one, that seems so obviously fake.)

Oh, that reminds me, did anyone shop this Black Friday? Yes, super crowded stores are right up there with flesh eating larvae on the list of things I’d prefer to avoid….


2 Responses to “Chad’s visit”

  1. Jimi Moore Says:

    I was sent that last email by my sister in law. Snopes wont disabuse her of its authenticity. I never understood why peopel would get up extra early on Friday morning to stand in the cold for specials that are already gone when you enter the store. That being because there are only 5 per store and they pass out tickets for those items to people waiting in line. People who are always in front of you. Yea, I’ll pass on that forever too.

  2. jadedgirl Says:

    That breast thing was the most hideous and gross thing I have ever seen…seriously. I don’t believe it, per’se…but, that is just stomach turning.
    Blech… Who has enough time on their hands to make something like that up? man, some people have really sick minds….I’ll be staying away from Stropes from now on.
    And you deserve some time for yourself, by the way…cheers to sticking!

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