Today Chris and Reagan are shopping for a birthday gift for Taylor’s 14th birthday, which falls on “Black Friday.”

I spoke to my husband a few minutes ago, to get an update on the shopping. He said they are still looking for a few things, including a “really cool laundry basket for Taylor’s room.”

Yes, every teenage boy would LOVE to receive a laundry basket for his birthday, especially a “really cool” one….

My poor husband, he’s gift giving challanged. For example, on my last birthday I received two $10 bills, a book about Ronald Reagan and two sequined make-up bags (from Dollar Tree).


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  1. jadedgirl Says:

    Most people would say that my sweetie is “gift challenged” too knowing that a month after we were together he bought me a stapler. Romantic, no? Well…It actually was. I am a huge fan of the movie “Office Space” and he knew it, and I used to call my old boss “Lumbergh” because she was just as annoying and just as moronic as the real Lumbergh was. So, my sweetie went on Ebay and found me a red stapler for my desk. I was floored…LOL Showed that he was payin attention. Not exactly roses and diamonds, but still put a smile on my face, nonetheless. So, maybe you mentioned you needed a makeup bag one time and he picked up on it? LOL…I know I know.

    Just wanted to give you some faith…

    Have a WONDERFUL turkey day, Jen!


  2. Turkey Day, 2007 « blueollie Says:

    […] note A local blogger reports what she got from her spouse as a gift. In my household, this would be grounds for divorce! My poor husband, he’s gift giving […]

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