Perusing PeoriaSpeaks I responded to a thread about “what was your worst job?” At first I thought waitress, then data entry, but pondering it, I now realize that my worst job was babysitting.

When I was thirteen I babysat, for a week in the summer, the two sons of one of my mom’s co-workers. It seemed perfect, they lived within biking distance and I could make some money for school clothes (Guess Jeans? A Benetton bag?).

The boys were eleven and seven and had a litter of cuddly kittens. The younger child was well behaved, but the older boy, odds are he is currently incarcerated.

The first day the older boy (aka: hellboy) kept swinging the kittens around by their tails.

The second day he was smoking in the bathroom.

The third day he started a fire in the kitchen.

The fourth day he pulled a garden hose through the kitchen window and turned it on. I didn’t find it until I went to make the kids lunch.

The fifth day, after I caught him smoking again, he pushed me down on the couch and held a knife to my throat, threatening me not to tell his mother. Then rode away on his bike, saying he was never coming back.

I didn’t go back for a sixth day.

Even as a clueless thirteen year old I felt for the mother; I remember thinking that if I were her, I would run away from home.


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  1. East Bluff Barbie Says:

    I remember my first overnight babysitting job. I was 13 and watching a neighbors three kids. I get a call partial through the night from their mom. The girl she went out with had a jealous husband who felt she was out screwing around and I was to be on the look out because he might come over looking for her. I was a wreck. I was so scared that I didn’t sleep the whole night. Luckily, he didn’t call or come over but I never babysat overnight for them again.

  2. reno Says:

    Still know the kid’s name? I’ll bet he has a car. And I’d wager that car has paint. Paint that is vulnerable to keys. Keys made of metal. You catch my drift.

    What? Criminal? No, you misunderstand!

    Karma is a bitch. Be a giver of karma.

  3. Cory Says:

    OK, I’m sorry, but the hose thing is a little bit funny.

  4. Cory Says:

    The rest isn’t. At all.

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