Luckily my daughter was able to attend school yesterday, but her whininess was still in full force. At one point Taylor said “damn” in everyday conversation; I reminded him that he should not swear and Reagan started crying, saying “You love Taylor more than you love me; If I cussed, you would ground me.” Ugh. Girls. I told her, “Of course I love you more; you are way less annoying than your brother.”

Not true. My kids seem to have an equal capacity to drive me bat shit.

Luckily for them, they are amateurs compared to their father.
Who seems to be around all the time.

Lurking in the house.

Trying to decide between two career possibilities. And ambushing me with questions that I don’t know how to answer…

“Do you think I should work for X or Y?”
“Which job should I pick?”
“Okay, well, which job do you think I will pick and why?”
“If you were me, what would you pick?”

Enough already.

He’s like the characters in that sleep-aid commercial; Lincoln in his stove pipe hat or the beaver, skulking about when I just want a little peace.

I miss being in the house by myself, able to watch E! True Hollywood stories without feeling bad that the bathroom is a mess. Or eating a bowl of ice cream with whipped cream and hot fudge, without a look that reminds me “Oh, yeah, I’m on a diet.”

Retirement just might kill me. Lucky for us, with our current state of finances we might both be working until we’re 85. (Always looking on the bright side, aren’t I?)

Maybe I should encourage him to develop some hobbies that don’t involve following me around and saying “whatcha doin?”
Maybe taxidermy? Which would be worse, a stuffed raccoon lamp or a husband that never leaves the house?


4 Responses to “”

  1. East Bluff Barbie Says:

    Maybe you should take up taxidermy and if he doesn’t leave you alone you could have a nice stuffed husband lamp! đŸ˜‰

  2. jenjw4 Says:

    True, oh, so true…. (Instead of Larrs and the Real Girl, I could be Jennifer and the real husband)….

    My friend Laura emailed me this morning and asked me to write a post including taxidermy and stove pipe hats…. hard to fit into one post!

  3. Cory Says:

    Now you know how we feel when women ask things like “Which shoes do you like better?”, or “Does this look OK?”, or “What color will look better on the living room walls, eggshell or ivory?”

  4. Jimi Moore Says:

    Isn’t there a garage hubby can be banished to? I mean sent to straighten up and clean of course.

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