Reagan + fever = bad whine…. Tay + fever = upchuck…

My daughter is home today with strep throat. At the doctor’s office she said “I hope Tay doesn’t get it. Monday night I bought him a bottle of water, but before I gave it to him, I drank some.” Oh, great. The one time my daughter voluntarily shares something with her brother and it’s bacteria-laden…


4 Responses to “Reagan + fever = bad whine…. Tay + fever = upchuck…”

  1. diane vespa Says:

    This is why I tell my kids they have to go to bed early and eat their veggies! Lol!

  2. East Bluff Barbie Says:

    Kids usually don’t share anything except germs. My house is the same way. I just got one back to school today and the other two started coughing now. I swear it never ends this time of year.

  3. Ms. PH Says:

    It never ends. And then the mom always gets it (she says as she sits at home with a sick baby.)

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