Watching a program about obsessive compulsive disorder, I glanced around our messy living room and told my husband “I bet you wish I had OCD, then our house would finally be clean.” Chris’s reply: “No, but how about obsessive compulsive fellatio disorder?”
“But, honey, what about when Fred comes to fix a blown fuse* and instead….” (You can tell where that response was going…)

*Yes, I actually called the repair guy to fix a blown fuse. In my defense, our house is WEIRD. A hodgepodge of not well meshed old and newer construction, it has 2 furnaces, “central air” that only cools part of the house, a circuit breaker box in the basement and a fuse box in the laundry room. When the lights went out in the kitchen and dining room I checked the circuit breaker box, no tripped circuits, but I didn’t even know about the fuse box… It was a little embarrassing (but also a relief, no big repair bill) when Fred came and just had to change a fuse.


2 Responses to “OCD”

  1. Secret Server Says:

    Why no big repair bill? Were you suffering from OCFD at the time and Fred accepted an alternative form of payment? No disrespect to people who do actually suffer from OCD, but I sometimes wish I could catch it temporarily (also OCFD) to get my house sparkly clean (or motivate my husband to do it for me).

  2. Be A Super Dad Says:

    Amazing message.
    I hope you will link to our diary..

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