random thoughts

Shouldn’t “Family Feud” really be “Families’ Feud?” Because, really it’s not a feud between the members of one family, but 2 families feuding against one another…

And where do they get the random hundred people they question? Are there 100 people employed just to give random answers? If so, I think I’d be an excellent candidate.

Why does my Word Perfect v. 10 continually say my documents are “read only” when they are not? I’ve checked repeatedly in “Properties” and my documents are NOT read only! (I try to rarely use the “!” so you can tell I really am peeved!).

Is it really fun for the kids of migrant workers to go on a field trip to the apple orchard?


One Response to “random thoughts”

  1. The Gas Grill Says:

    Cool post.
    I hope you’ll check out our diary..

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