Yesterday afternoon I walked to the nearby grocery store to buy a snack; approaching the lane, the cashier was absent and a case of cheap beer was sitting, waiting to be bagged. Shortly the cashier returned with a customer in tow…a haggard, booze laden older woman, carrying a giant bottle of ibuprofen and clutching a social security envelope full of cash. Mumbling something to the cashier… ‘shaaank you verrry muush.”

Upon my departure, she was standing near the exit of the store, looking bewildered. Hopefully not trying to figure out which car was hers.

It would be easy to joke about the booze + headache remedy combo. I mean, really, isn’t it a sign to stop drinking, when you’re hungover by mid-day?

But the whole scenario was sad. I could tell she was poor. I could tell she was addicted. She wouldn’t make eye contact with me, so it also seemed as if she was ashamed, of one? Of both?

What must her day-to-day life be like?

I imagine her living alone, in a small house. Estranged from her kids. Drinking all day, everyday, until her meager social security benefits are depleted.

How does one end up with such a life? The mere unenjoyableness of it would seem to cause one to seek a way out. I have a hard time imaging being addicted, letting a bottle or a pill control one’s life.


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  1. mortonmalaise Says:

    Or maybe the beer was for her husband, who beats her so badly that her speech is impeded and she has to pound pain reliever like candy just to make it through the day.

    I’m a ray of f*%&ing sunshine, aren’t I?

  2. thinkpix » Blog Archive » This afternoon I walked to the nearby grocery store to buy a snack … Says:

    […] here for full […]

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