Sunday’s paper had an article about a local “Purity Ball.” Basically, it’s an evening for girls and their fathers, in which the girls present their dad with “the key to their hearts” and the dads give the daughters chlamydia. (Oh, crap, I just veered into Sarah Silverman territory, didn’t I?)

The key is kept by the father until the daughter is wed, at which point the father relinquishes the the key to his son-in-law.

How quaint.

A father “owns” his daughter’s virginity, until he gives it to her husband?

It sceeves me out.

And begs alot of questions.

What about the boys? Why does the “Purity Ball,” neglect them? Is their “purity” not important? Or are we back to the “good ‘ole days” in which boys want to have sex and girls who “give in” are sluts?

What if the daughter isn’t heterosexual?

What if the daughter becomes an adult, has a career and (gasp) chooses to have a sex life without choosing to be married? Marriage is not for everyone; is a celibate life then required?

Doesn’t defining virginity as purity also correlate sex as unpure? That is not a lesson I want my kids to learn about such a rewarding part of life. I want them to know that sex is wonderful-when you are mature and responsible and capable of handling the consequences. Isn’t that the message that children should learn?


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  1. Winter on its way… « blueollie Says:

    […] Purity Balls: I am glad that someone else is yukked out by this. […]

  2. Ms. PH Says:

    I couldn’t have said it better myself.

  3. reno Says:

    I think I’ve figured out why they don’t have one for boys. See, if none of the girls are putting out, the boys won’t have anything to poke and prod. Or, instead they all turn gay on eachother.

  4. jadedgirl Says:

    Creepy, man…creepy.
    Ughhh…what will they think of next? Hmmm…lest see…Father daughter bowling and molestation tournaments, perhaps?


    I have goose bumps.


  5. jenjw4 Says:

    I was a little concerned about posting this, figured people might come down hard on the liberal wacko, saying I want teen girls to get pregnant and dads to be uninvolved. (Which is totally not the case, I have a daughter who will be 13 next month, and a husband who is a very involved father.)

  6. Laura Says:

    So, I take it Reagan and Chris didn’t participate this year.

  7. WLW Says:

    Hmmm… The last time I heard about something like this, it was in an article about the 50’s…

    Are we setting the stage for another hippie, free love, pandemic in this nation?

  8. jenjw4 Says:

    No, they had a disagreement with the organizers, they wanted the women to walk 10 feet behind the men, but Chris thought 5 feet was sufficient. Oh, and the burqa thing, that was kinda weird, too….

  9. Rixblix Says:

    Oh my god. It reminds me of a Frontline I watched about the really high teen pregnancy rate in Lubbock, TX. They’ve got this huge “promise” program where the girls get a ring and all and pledge their virtue, blah, blah, blah. But the thing is, the teen pregnancy rate in the town is, like, 5 bagillion times higher than the rest of the country! Nothing like promoting Patriarchy. It’s done so much for our girls.

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