No, that skirt doesn’t make your butt look big….

The other day I noticed the lack of a front license plate on my husband’s car. I mentioned it to him and he said “I’m not going to put it on.”

Uh, what? Isn’t it the law in the state of IL?

And his justification is:

“I don’t want to….” (follow the law.)

“It’s stupid”

“You won’t get pulled over.”

“And if you do, 99% of the time they will just give you a warning.”

“It doesn’t matter.”

When one of our kids uses this reasoning to drink underage:
“It’s a stupid law”
Or to drink and drive:
“I won’t get caught, and if I do, it’ll just be a warning”
Or to use drugs:
“It doesn’t matter.”

I’ll know exactly where they got their reasoning.

Maybe I’m overreacting, it’s just a license plate. But still, it feels like more, like an example to our kids. My husband is extremely conservative and likes to rant about personal responsibility, about people abusing the law, yet, in this case, he thinks it’s okay to break it, for the beneifit of the aesthetics of his cute red car.

Is a “little law” kind of like a “little white lie?” No big deal?


3 Responses to “No, that skirt doesn’t make your butt look big….”

  1. jadedgirl Says:


  2. idonotknowme Says:

    As long as he doesn’t complain about the consequences if he does get pulled over, then he is living up to his personal responsibility ethic. If he does get pulled over or ticketed or whatever and then whines about it, you can blast him as a hypocrite.

  3. NY Tanning Says:

    Hi this comment is delightful.
    I like your diary..
    thank you again

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