Tay and Momma sayings

My son is almost 14 and while I miss the lovely enthusiasm of toddlerhood, I also appreciate the depth of our conversations and his sarcastic sense of humor and sardonic wit. We have also developed a number of sayings that serve as a sort of personal shorthand, such as:

“Here take the magic stones, they will protect you”
From “The Village”…. the whole village has been conditioned to fear what is in the forest surrounding it; when they need two young men to enter the forest, Ron Howard’s daughter gives them heretofore unmentioned “magic stones” that she promises will protect them.
We primarily use this saying when Tay has to take out the trash, and it’s dark, because you know, Princeville is such a rough ‘hood.

“Tassles on my ta-ta’s”
From “What Not to Wear” The make-overee complained about how immodest a sleeveless dress was and Stacy said “It’s not like you’d be wearing tassles on your ta-ta’s”
I say this whenever one of the kids criticizes my clothing choice, plus it’s just fun to say, loudly, in mixed company.

“That’s how I roll”
I say this to Tay whenever I am doing something particularly dorky-mommy, like dancing to “INXS” in the kitchen while baking a cake and eating pickles.

“FUYA” (Yelled, as if in a karate class)
It means “foot up your ass”
Can’t remember where we got it, but if Tay is doing something annoying, like playing the same song over and over and over again, loudly, I’ll knock on his door, open it up and yell “FUYA!” while making karate chop motions. It translates into “cut it out.”

“Prison library”
I am trying to convince Taylor he would make a great librarian. I read an article to him recently about all the different types of librarians including “working in a prison library.” Now, we try to work the words “prison library” into every conversation. Then we high five each other like maniacs.

“Have you been friends for “twenty years?”
Taylor and I have made a deal that he can’t help a friend bury a body unless they have been friends for at least 20 years. So whenever I think one of his friends want him to do something stupid I ask him that question… it’s our own personal, “if all your friends jumped off a bridge, would you?”

I love that Taylor and I have this jokey, fun form of communication. The inside jokes have the capacity to break through his occasional teenager-y sullenness and to remind me what a wonderful kid he is, even as a sometimes sulky, slightly rebellious, fourteen year old.


5 Responses to “Tay and Momma sayings”

  1. Secret Server Says:

    Those are funny. You should cherish those moments. I am proud to be an example to Tay to be the kind of friend you wold help bury a body.

  2. jenjw4 Says:

    Yes, I figure if you’ve been friends with someone for twenty years it isn’t likely that they have been indiscriminately whacking people, that it’s more likely to be a Thelma and Louise type of situation. Oh, and after 20 years, I doubt the other person would give you up to da man…

  3. reno Says:

    I’m stealing FUYA, and there’s nothing you can do to stop me!! *cue evil fanfare music*

  4. Rixblix Says:

    Oh, I like the FUYA, too. And I totally say “That’s how I roll” with my kids. We use “Fo Shiz” when we really agree with something the other one has said, too. Nothing like an inside joke with your kid(s).

  5. Be A Super Dad Says:

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