Blogger bash #2

One suggestion, maybe next time it should be set up like those speed dating events… Billy could blow the whistle, and everyone could move on to a new table. Morton Malaise sort of did this on his own, due to his chivalrous nature, constantly getting up so a tardy blogger could be seated.
I had fun with the lovely ladies, but I missed out on getting to really meet the blogfather, Peoria Anti-pundit, the rep of a local politician, the mysterious commentor, and getting to chat with my favorite, Chef Kevin. Oh, and Diane, what’s up with ditching the girls for the dudes?
I really wish I could have talked more to Jaded and EBB, too, I love both of their blogs.
And, really, what’s the deal with the MConoughey rep only talking to the men? Remember, we’re here and we’re queer!!! Oops, wrong slogan.


10 Responses to “Blogger bash #2”

  1. East Bluff Barbie Says:

    Yeah, I didn’t get to talk to alot of people I wanted to talk to either. Maybe next time!!:)

  2. diane vespa Says:

    Ha ha, Jen… too funny. I swear I thought I was back in my all girls parochial school with the boys at one table and the girls at another.. like you guys were going to catch each others germs or something. Plus, how could I resist sitting between 2 of my favorite bloggers, Chef Kev and Peoria Pundit. And had I been sitting at your table, I would have missed out on Eyebrows gynecologist story. Now THAT was funny!!!

  3. jenjw4 Says:

    I wish I could have stayed later, but I needed to get home and help my daughter decorate these:

    For one of her classes today.
    They came out really cute.

    I am dying to hear this gyno story. Hopefully Eyebrows will post it on her blog.

  4. Ms. PH Says:

    I missed the gyno story as well. See what happens when you sit at the boys table?

  5. reno Says:

    Blogger bashes. Wow, nerds unite! (kidding)

    Sounds like a smashing good time. Did anyone compete in the beer Olympics or were they well-behaved?

  6. Cory Says:

    No Beer Olympics, unfortunately. We’re saving those for the next one, to be held at a place a bit less dark and tame.

  7. reno Says:

    Big Al’s?

  8. Cory Says:

    Close…Think Big Al’s, except with really big TV’s showing all sorts of wonderful sporting events in lieu of “exotic dancers”.

  9. reno Says:

    Best Buy?

  10. Cory Says:

    Yes, Reno. Best Buy. You nailed it. We’re having the blogger bash at an electronics retail outlet.


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