My always “with-it” friend Katrina sent me the obituary for one of our high school teachers, Mr. Hopp.

He had a wife and four kids, plus:

“Conrad graduated from Bradley University, earning his bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate degrees in education.”

“He was a licensed real estate salesman for five years with Ron Hodges Realty. Conrad owned and operated restaurants in Florida and Peoria. He also owned and maintained 15 rental properties in the Bradley area. He was a joint owner of a farm located in Fulton County. Conrad was a licensed barber instructor, teaching at Midwest Barber College and Peoria Barber College, last working in 2004.”

“He was a Korean Conflict Army veteran and was a member of Elks Lodge 20 in Peoria.”

real estate salesman
restaurant owner/operator
property owner/renter
barber instructor
lodge member

Gosh, I’m a big slacker in comparison. He was able to do so much in his 74 years, in such diverse fields.

It’s inspiring, and making me think about my future. My current roles are mom, employee (of a small literacy based non-profit), PTO volunteer, nagging wife, and friend, but I think I need to expand upon this, volunteer more, go back to school. According to his obit, Mr. Hopp was teaching barbering (is that a word?) well into his 70’s, so at 36 I really shouldn’t be thinking I’m too old/busy/inept to do ________.

So, what’s holding you back, if anything, from your dreams and desires?


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  1. HollowSquirrel Says:

    How about creative writing for you? Or you could be a student driver teacher. That could lend some nice blog fodder. OR a professional coupon hustler. I don’t know… you have so many options.

    My fear of failure has held me back from several things I’ve wanted to do. Right now, though, I’m happy where I’m at.

  2. Just The Right Rental Property Says:

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