Brotherly love.

Several times over the last week my daughter, Reagan, has asked me to quiz her for a social studies test, to check her math, to read her essay. I have been very impressed with her responsibility, her forethought, her maturity. Last night I told her so; her response:

“Oh, I just want to do better than Taylor (her older brother).”


4 Responses to “Brotherly love.”

  1. Knight in Dragonland Says:

    Hey … whatever gets ’em motivated! LoL

  2. Kevin Lowe Says:

    It’s been such a long time since grade school. I’ve entirely forgotten what “social studies” means. Is that what I do Fridays after work at the bar?

  3. The Gas Grill Says:

    Thanks your comment is funny.
    I like your blog..

  4. Train Dolphins Says:

    Hi your article is delightful.
    I like your diary..

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