Boys, they are so cruel.

Tay: “Mom, I downloaded some new songs: Saosin, ????, and Lazy Eye.
Me: “Oh, does ‘Lazy Eye’ make you think of me? I have a lazy eye, you know, only it only strays when I am really tired.”
Tay: “No, it doesn’t make me think of you… now, if it was named ‘granny arms’ then I’d think of you.”


5 Responses to “Boys, they are so cruel.”

  1. Ms. PH Says:

    Nice . . . maybe it is better before they can talk!!

  2. britt Says:

    haha…..”granny arms,” that’s an awesome title for a song!

    i’ll have to write that down to perform for my non-existent band.

  3. Jonathan Ahl Says:

    Ouch. Maybe I need to find a way for my kids to skip ages 6-25.

  4. diane vespa Says:

    Repeat 100 times : “Children are blessings in our lives”

  5. jenjw4 Says:

    Yes, maybe should have focused less on “honesty” and more on “courteousness.”

    Of course, he does have his good qualities. Chief fly swatter, grocery carry-in-er, etc…

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