My kids are opposites. A boy and a girl, one year apart in age. One likes pop, the other alternative. One only likes meat and carbs, the other loves fruits and veggies. One is very active in extra curricular activities and the other would sit in his room playing video games 24/7, if allowed.

Their responses to events vary greatly.
For example, this week there was a lice outbreak at their school; mandating inspections of the middle school kids’ heads.
My son’s response: It was so cool, J. has a ton of hair and so much dandruff that it took them forever to check him.
My daughter’s response: GROSS!!!!! ICK!!!! YUCK!!!!!!!!

When hired I wonder if the administrative staff was told about their role in lice inspections? I think that would have been a deal breaker for me.

(BTW, luckily neither of my children have lice, BUT ever since then my head has been itching. The power of suggestion is strong, especially when it comes to creepy crawly things.)

Another example, in preparation for “picture day,” Chris and I took the kids shopping for new outfits. Taylor and I had a fruitless search ending with my saying “Fine, wear something you already own.” Reagan, demanding to shop with her father, got pants, a tank top, a sweater, and a new purse. A purse that won’t even be in the picture; her dad is such a sucker. And she is so, should I say “smart?” or “manipulative?” She is outstanding at setting up a situation, working things to her advantage. I worry she might be a natural born con artist. (Or attorney? That is her goal, after all.)

One thing both my kids are united about-a fierce determination not to smile for their pictures today.


6 Responses to “Opposites”

  1. Ms. PH Says:

    Just reading about lice in this post made my head itch!

  2. jenjw4 Says:

    Yes, and I thought about finding a picture of a louse to link to, but then thought, no, I won’t do that to anyone. It just makes it more real, more creepy.
    Like those news stories about dust mites or bed bugs. I avoid those like the plague because I get SO freaked out. Some things I would rather just not know about.

    Oh, and thinking about the lack of smiles in the pictures, it’s probably karma; I don’t think I smiled for any after 4th grade. I should call and apologize to my parents for wasting their hard earned money.

  3. Laura Says:

    Maybe you’ll get another “homeless” picture of Reagan. Or some more “developmentally disabled” photos of Taylor.

  4. jenjw4 Says:

    So nice of you to remind me that the glass is always “half full…” I may not end up with pictures I’m proud to show others, but I will definitely end up with results that will some day embarrass them.

  5. East Bluff Barbie Says:

    My youngest son’s class had a lice outbreak the first week of school! I didn’t find out from the school. I found out from a friend who was friends with the infested kid’s mom. The infested kid’s mom didn’t want to tell the school for fear of seeming “dirty”. I was pretty pissed. My head has been itching even since too.

    I have three boys and they are all completely different. They don’t care about school pictures when they are getting them taken but if I don’t buy the package because they are awful they are upset. Although some of the best are the goofy ones. I have a picture of my oldest in kindergarten and he has a look on his face that pretty much says “you want me to do what?” . It was so funny I didn’t get a retake and I still have it on display.

  6. diane vespa Says:

    OK I am totally scratching my head as I am reading this thread. And as for the bad pics, imagine how much fun you’ll have showing them to your sons or daughters future spouse. (sinister laugh). And ya know, talking about some of the characteristics of our kids, have you ever noticed that the traits that bother you the most are the ones that they probably got from YOU!!! LOL!

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