Indianapolis Trip

My friend Laura is running (okay, possibly, depending on the health and welfare of her feet) a marathon in October in Indianapolis. I promised I would attend to cheer her on. Of course, if she can’t run, we’ll still go and I’ll help her drown her misery in alcohol and barbituates. Okay, I’m kidding about the barbituates. Indianapolis, here we come….

In preparation of our little trip I’m doing some tourist related research into “what’s goin’ on” in the Greater Indianapolis area… some ideas:

1. “The German Expressionist Era” at the Indianapolis Museum of Art:
“Approximately 50 early 20th century woodcuts, lithographs, etchings and drawings from IMA’s permanent collection are highlighted in this exhibition.”
Nothing says “Woo Hooo!!! Superfreaky Fun!!!” like early 20th century woodcuts and lithographs.

2. And while we are there we can view “The Hats of Africa.” Hopefully we can try one on; I can imagine some wonderful photo opportunities will abound.

3. “Let’s Get it On” No, one weekend with the lovely Laura isn’t going to cause me to switch teams; it’s a show featuring the music of Motown.

4. “Autumn Celebration, featuring bonzai” will help round out our multicultural weekend. Do the leaves change on those little trees? (Hey if it wasn’t in Karate Kid, I don’t know.)

5. “Lenape Camp Highlight: Tomahawk Throwing Contest” Yes, I’m known for my good aim, due to my stellar vision, and would rock at this contest. Plus it allows you to “step into the world of fur traders.” (but didn’t I already address that in #3?

6. “The Vienna Choir Boys.” Because we love to hear little boys sing. Especially when they wear silly hats.

7. “Indianapolis Symphony Northwest Airlines Pops Series: Broadway Star Linda Eder” Airlines are known for their primo entertainment, aren’t they?

These are just a few of the fabulous events we might be partaking in during our little trip. Of course, if anyone has any other suggestions for restaurants, sights to see, etc, in the Indianapolis area, they would be greatly welcome.


3 Responses to “Indianapolis Trip”

  1. chef Kevin Says:

    Check if any interesting bands are playing at the Vogue Theater ( There are some very interesting and ethnic diverse restaurants in the Broadripple area of Indy (around the Vogue).

  2. jenjw4 Says:

    Chef Kevin,
    Thanks for the advice. I’m looking up the theatre now and will hopefully be able to eat in the surrounding neighborhood.

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