Friday night we went to Red Zin, unfortunately, Carl Bopp, piano player extraordinaire was not in residence.

At Martini’s I asked the “band” (two guys named Kevin and Dean?) to play “Short People” in lieu of “Happy Birthday” to my dear friend Laura. Now when anyone asks I can say we are both “in our thirties.”

Saturday we bought a new dining room table and chairs. YES! No more the “outdoors is indoors” look, defined by replacing our old, broken dining room chairs with lawn chairs. I feel like a “real” grown up. I mean, we actually bought furniture. New furniture, from an actual store.

Sunday life decided to bite us in the ass with the advent of a now leaking water heater. Why does this always happen? Any major purchase must be accompanied by an unexpected expense…

Oh, and my aforementioned friend, Laura, is wanting to start a book club. So far we have 7-8 members and hope to get around 10. The current members are all women (mainly 30-somethings) from the Peoria area. The books will mainly be modern fiction novels, with a few possible non-fiction books and we will meet once a month. If anyone would like to join please send me an email at: jenjw4 at


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  1. Laura Says:

    ‘Outdoor is indoor’ will inevitably return to dining rooms across the nation, and then you will be sorry that you didn’t remain on the road less travelled.

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