Oookie Day

Things that are wrong with today:
1. My hair is flat.
2. My desk is a mess and getting messier.
3. The afternoon feels like one big “blaaaaahhhhhh….”
4. I just found 4 seperate opened packets of splenda on my desk. Do I throw them out? Do I keep them for future use? If I keep them, how do I store them?
5. Those are the kinds of questions that have punctuated today and made it such a big “blaaaaahhhhhhhh….”
6. Everyone is making mistakes on their time sheets, and really how does one say “no decimals, only fractions” in Spanish?
7. We are going out tonight and I have nothing to wear.

Oh, yeah, we are going out tonight. A Birthday celebration galore for Laura. Dirty Monkey’s. Carl Bopp on piano (we hope)…. The day is looking up.


2 Responses to “Oookie Day”

  1. diane vespa Says:

    Ya hang on to the Splenda. It will sit and sit. Finally, after the package has deteriorated and the Splenda is all over the inside of your desk, you will throw it out. Within 24 hours after that you will find a use for it and wish you had’nt.

  2. Laura Says:

    After the fact…

    Dirty Monkeys were all we hoped they would be and then some…

    Carl Bopp, what happened to you?

    Kevin and Danny – you were great!

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