Yesterday afternoon I had a doctor appointment in Peoria, at 3:00. I left Princeville at 2:00-ish and, arriving “in town,” realized I had 15 minutes to spare before my appointment. I decided to run into Linen’s and Things and buy a birthday present I needed for today (happy birthday Laura!). Imagine my surprise, when walking by the register, who would be in line but, um, my boss. She said “Hi?” At which point I proceeded to stammer….. “on way to dr’s office” “extra time” “not really using my sick leave, to, (gulp) shop at the mall…..” “really, on my way to the doctor” “extra time.” I am sure all of my stuttering, gulping and shifty eyed looks, were the classic signs of lying. (But, I wasn’t, really! Really on my way to the doctor! I promise.)


5 Responses to “Mortifying”

  1. chef Kevin Says:

    And your boss was shopping on company time??????????

  2. jenjw4 Says:

    Oh, I should have been more clear, she was off work that afternoon. Not sick leave, just regular personal time. (Personal time= okay to shop; sick leave, not so much)

  3. Jeep2000 Says:

    I ALWAYS have feared something like that happening. Even when I’m at lunch, I feel guilty if I see a coworker while shopping. And I rarely think to turn it around and say “Hey, what are THEY doing here?”

  4. Floyd Says:

    I always just said that if I saw my boss at a store, and he/she saw me, I would just throw up on their shoes and probably get fired that way.

  5. mortonmalaise Says:

    I would probably just stab my boss in the throat. Let’s see you tell on me now, tough guy!!!

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