Bra shopping seems to be quite the topic of interest lately….

Tay and his friend J. were quite hyper yesterday. I, of
course, decided it would be an excellent time for a two hour back to school shopping spree.
I packed up the kids and the lists and headed to the Peoria Target. After perusing the crowded aisles of colorful school supplies the boys went to look at the video games and Reagan and I headed to make-up, toiletries, purses, etc. You know, all the necessary items girly folk “need.” The boys met back up with us right as we were entering the girls bra department, embarrassing Reagan. I told them “we, uh, need to look at ‘undergarments’ for Reagan and will meet you at the front of the store in 10 minutes.” Big mistake. For the rest of the night, in their best Monty Python faux Shakespearian English accents, the phrase:
“shopping for undergarments for mi’lady” was repeated ad nauseum.
Poor Reagan; I never had to experience being 12 1/2 and having a 13 year old brother….


2 Responses to “”

  1. PeoriaIllinoisan Says:

    I promise no bra-shopping stories on my blog. And if one ever appears, you have the right to be worried.

  2. Floyd Says:

    Bah. If bra shopping is becoming the trend, I’ll gather up the old lady and have her do some shopping, so I have something to write about.

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