Waiting in line to wait in line…

My husband got up early this morning, grabbed a folding chair and headed to Border’s. He has a very important mission: to wait in line to get a bracelet that will determine our place in line tonight at the Harry Potter book release. Yes, the children and I are Harry Potter fiends.
Now my mission over the next several days/week is to avoid any Harry Potter spoilers. I can avoid the media (no TV, no websites, etc) but how do I avoid my 13 year old, fast-reading, son? He is a blabbermouth.
I may have to resort to duct tape.

BTW, we are spending the weekend in St. Louis. I’ll be at the arch thinking “Nice arch, Does Hermione get a boyfriend?” During dinner on the Hill I’ll be thinking “Delicious tapas, who is the new dark arts instructor?” I think Tay and I will be driving Chris crazy. But, for once, I won’t mind the car ride, or the wait at the airport, or traffic. More time to read.

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