They are smelly bastards

Reagan: “Mom, a guy came to school today and talked about hunting.”
Me: “What do you mean, was it about gun safety?”
Reagan: “No, it was about hunting animals. He is having a class and will teach us to hunt.”
Me: “??????”
Reagan: “Everyone signed up for it.”
Me: “What is the class going to hunt?”
Reagan: “Ferrets”


3 Responses to “They are smelly bastards”

  1. Ms. PH Says:

    Seriously? People hunt ferrets? What do they do with them? Are there wild ferrets? More importantly – are there wild ferrets around here? Oh, I could not live in the country!

  2. Jennifer Says:

    I pondered the ferret thing for awhile, figuring it couldn’t be right, and finally asked someone, who laughed and laughed… then told me they hunt for pheasant.

  3. Ms. PH Says:

    Oh, thank god . . . . I was worried.

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