Oh, shit.

Making a wrong turn, “Shit!”
Taylor’s delightful response: “Shit, mom you shouldn’t say ‘shit’ or, shit, we might say ‘shit’ too, and that would be really shitty.”


3 Responses to “Oh, shit.”

  1. Pammy Says:


    Speaking of driving, did you, by any chance, happen to drive through ChilliCoffee in Chilli late Thursday afternoon?

  2. jenjw4 Says:

    Congrats on your upcoming nuptials. I’m so happy for you and Ziggy, too.
    Yes, that was me at ChilliCoffee. Our camp was outside Lacon so we took the Princeville-Chillicothe path to get there and made many stops at ChiliCoffee. My jenjw4 license plates must have tipped you off.
    Personallly I think everyplace in Chilli should have a novelty name. There’s already the coffee place and the “chilli bowl.”

  3. Pammy Says:

    Thanks for the congrats!

    It was me…in the little white car…right behind you. And you’re right…the license plate. I knew it sounded familiar, and the bumper sticker or whatever it was that said something about Princeville kinda added to the “Hmmmm…I wonder if that’s…?” thing.

    Anywho, nice to meetcha. Sorta. hehe

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