This has not been enhanced for comedic effect (or is it affect?)

My yesterday:
1. After picking up a friend in the country, Taylor and said Friend made a kite out of tissue paper and dental floss. And flew it out the back window of my car.
2. Upon arriving home they T.P.’d our garage. I caught them, ordered them to clean it up.
3. Went out to check on them and they were standing on the slanted roof of the garage.
4. They finally calmed down, using the computer, they changed my log-in to windows to “PooPoo McPooperson” and my icon to a pile of dog doo.
5. They ate the cooling batch of brownies their sister made. She proceded to wish them a “slow and painful death” and to call them “Bastards!” Early bedtime for her.
6. Sitting down, finally, to read. My cell phone starts making this beeping noise, 3-4 beeps later I check it. Five instant messages from stewing daughter, all reading “i hate u! i hate u!….”

All in all, not a bad night at the Wood house.


2 Responses to “This has not been enhanced for comedic effect (or is it affect?)”

  1. Mrs. Chicken Says:

    I know I shouldn’t, but this made me giggle madly. 🙂

  2. mortonmalaise Says:

    I’m sorry, but PooPoo McPooperson is probably the funniest thing I’ve seen in at least a month. I just got in trouble for laughing out loud in the office.

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